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Baa-realis Fibre and Pacific Knit Co.

Introducing the Heritage Farm Fade and
Farmers Market Doodle Kit, for the new
Farm Doodle Cowl from Pacific Knit Co.
Pattern and yarn will be available May 3, 2024

Farm Fade 1_edited.jpg
Farmers Market 1_edited.jpg

Heritage Farm Fade

The Heritage Farm Fade doodle kit is designed to have a fade background, white colourwork doodles, and three medium toned accent colours for tri-coloured doodles, but the possibilities are endlessly customizable.  The fade itself has 8 different skeins that compose a circular fade, meaning you can knit an infinity cowl in the round with seamless colour fading all around.  Or for a single sided cowl, start or stop at any point in the fade to achieve whatever look you like best.

Farm Fade 3.jpg

Farmers Market Doodle Kit

The Farmers Market Doodle Kit looks more like traditional doodle kits that many have come to love.  Eight solids make up all the colours to knit whatever farm creations you love.  Red barns, yellow corn, fluffy sheep and muddy tractors... this set comes in a variety of sizes depending on the project you'd like to knit.  A small set with 7 coloured mini skeins and a full skein of natural to create a single sided cowl, a medium set of 7-50 gram coloured skeins and a full skein of natural for a double sided cowl, or a large set that has full skeins of all 8 colours for any farm project (or multiple projects!) you're dreaming up.  

Farmers Market 5.jpg
Farmers Market 2_edited.jpg

Farm Doodle Pattern

This modular colourwork pattern by Pacific Knit Co. is available on their website and on Ravelry.  You can use this pattern to knit either a single or double sided cowl, or mix and match with other patterns for hats, socks... the sky is the limit!  Check out Pacific Knit Co.'s website for more information on the pattern.

Farm Fade 6.jpg
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