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MKAL13 Participating

Baa-realis Fibre and Imagined Landscapes

The possibilities are endless!

Sarah Schira from Imagined Landscapes is doing it again... a brilliant Gnome Knit Along with nearly daily clues, updates, stories, recipes and fun for the month of December.  If you've done these before, you know just how fun they can be.  These knit gnomes are accessible to knitters of all skill levels and people of all levels of busyness!  Just a small amount of knitting every few days, and if you fall behind?  Who cares.  It's low stress, and all about fun.

Baa-realis Fibre is excited to be one of the Participating Dyers for the second year in a row! 


I've gnit many gnomes in the past, and have absolutely loved putting together these kits for you.  This year I made four different colourways based on delicious holiday foods.  I hope you have as much fun knitting up these colourways as I had making them (and taking pictures of them... and eating my inspirations :) Last year people seemed to love the gnome kits with different bases, so the cookie gnome is on a Superwash Sparkling Stellina base, with all four colours having some magnificent shine to them.  Because really, who doesn't need a sparkle gnome...?  The sparkle is a bit hard to see in pictures, but trust me when I say it is absolutely delightful in person. 

MKAL 13 a.jpg

In addition to these four food inspired colourways, I'm bringing back a version of the colourway that was hands down the best seller last year, and all throughout the year as well.  This rustic version of my Buffalo Plaid set has all the right feels for a December gnome.  Rugged, tweedy and ready to be gnit up while you snuggle under a blanket, preferably with a mug of hot chocolate in hand... or maybe a hot toddy...  The base for this set is a non-superwash merino/tweed, so be aware that it is less soft than a regular superwash base, but gnits up into a very handsome gnome indeed.

MKAL 13 b.jpg

The Snow Matter What Pattern is available from Imagined Landscapes.  I've linked to their page below for your convenience.  Click on the SHOP YARN KITS NOW button to head over to my Etsy shop, or scroll down to see more pretty yarn pics first.

If you want to hear more about how the gnoming goes from my end, or future projects I'm working on, scroll down to sign up for emails from Baa-realis Fibre.  Don't worry, I won't clutter up your inbox, just a few pretty yarn pics once a month or less.  Or sheep pics.  Or yarn in nature.  Or yarn and sheep.  Or... well, you get the idea.  And be sure to post pictures of your gnomes on Ravelry and Instagram!  Tag #baarealisfibre on Instagram and add Baa-realis Fibre sock yarn on your Ravelry project page so I can see what amazing things you make!  Also, use the hashtags #NeverNotGnoming #GnomeMKAL13 and #SnowMatterWhat to share your gnome with the whole gnome community!  As a little bonus, I'd like to share with you a coupon code... use Snow25 to get 25% off the pattern on Ravelry for the month of November. 

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A little closer look at the colourways...

Winner, Winner, Turkey Dinner

What's there to say about this delicious colourway?  Well, it manages to be both classic Christmas colours, and also a bit of a surprising inspiration for them.  Christmas dinner at it's finest, although feel free to change up your views on the inspiration... Vegetarian?  Call it Tofurkey.  Don't eat this particular Christmas dinner?  Call it Santa and his Elves.  Don't celebrate Christmas?  Well, just call it colours you love then.  

This kit is made up of four colours:

C1 Gravy Brown

C2 Mashed Potato White

C3 Cranberry Red

C4 Green Bean Green

Turkey dinner.jpg

 Bumbleberry Pie, Oh My

The name Bumbleberry just had gnome written all over it, don't you think?  The berries are the big inspiration behind this colourway, with a bit of crust and of course ice cream thrown in to finish it off.  Mmmmm.... just make sure you don't accidentally eat the yarn...

This kit is made up of four colours:

C1 Blueberry Blue

C2 Vanilla Ice Cream White

C3 Pie Crust Brown

C4 Raspberry Red (which is really more of a purple, once the raspberries and blueberries bake and blend together for an hour...) 

Bumbleberry Pie.jpg

Looky, Looky, Christmas Cookie

Now this colourway was fun to make.  I drew colour inspiration from the gnome graphic from Imagined Landscapes, and dyed it up on this beautiful sparkle base.  The sparkle is hard to see in pictures, but so lovely in person.  The next step was to bring the yarn to a dear coworker, friend and cookie artist extraordinaire and ask her to do her best to match the colours.  Clearly she pulled it off beyond my wildest dreams.  (Feel free to look her up... her name on Instagram is cookie_creations_by_patti.  She sure takes cookie art to a whole new level!)

This kit is made up of four colours:

C1 Silver

C2 White

C3 Light Aqua

C4 Dark Aqua

Mulled Wine, Feeling Fine

I admit that I have never actually had mulled wine before this year, but who am I to say no when inspiration hits?!?  This colourway is going to make a bright, cheery, statement sort of gnome.  One who proudly shows of the bright colours of oranges and wine, while still keeping all the cozy vibes of evenings by the fire.

This kit is made up of four colours:

C1 Cinnamon Brown

C2 White

C3 Orange

C4 Wine

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