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Baa-realis Fibre and Imagined Landscapes

The possibilities are endless!

Longest Gnight has been a favourite holiday among the gnomes of the Grimblewoods for centuries.  It's when the Gnome of the Gnorth brings light to every house on the darkest day of the year.  The gnomes of the Grimblewoods also work to create joy during the dark days through their handmade gift exchanged.  Making something for another gnome gives them creativity and anticipation.

Gnova just moved to the Grimblewoods and is worried about making friends while young Gnewt is taking over the organization of the gift exchange this year.  What can possibly go wrong??

Sarah Schira from Imagined Landscapes is doing it again... a brilliant Gnome Knit Along with nearly daily clues, updates, stories, recipes and fun for the month of December.  If you've done these before, you know just how fun they can be.  These knit gnomes are accessible to knitters of all skill levels and people of all levels of busyness!  Just a small amount of knitting every few days, and if you fall behind?  Who cares.  It's low stress, and all about fun.

Baa-realis Fibre is excited to be one of the Participating Dyers this year!  


I've gnit many gnomes in the past, and have absolutely loved putting together these kits for you.  Each kit has a colour theme, as well as a fancy dancy special base.  Because really, who doesn't need a sparkle gnome... or a tweed gnome... or maybe one of each!  The sparkle is a bit hard to see in pictures, but trust me when I say it is absolutely delightful in person.  For each kit, colours 1 and 5 (the main colour, and the beard colour) have been dyed on a special base to add fun and flare to your gnew friend.


The Gnome-Made Gifts Pattern is available from Imagined Landscapes.  I've linked to their page below for your convenience.  Click on the SHOP YARN KITS NOW button to head over to my Etsy shop, or scroll down to see more pretty yarn pics first.

If you want to hear more about how the gnoming goes from my end, or future projects I'm working on, scroll down to sign up for emails from Baa-realis Fibre.  Don't worry, I won't clutter up your inbox, just a few pretty yarn pics once or twice a month.  Or sheep pics.  Or yarn in nature.  Or yarn and sheep.  Or... well, you get the idea.  And be sure to post pictures of your gnomes on Ravelry and Instagram!  Tag #baarealisfibre on Instagram and add Baa-realis Fibre sock yarn on your Ravelry project page so I can see what amazing things you make!

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Buffalo Plaid
Black Tweed Base

This classic winter plaid brings up all the right feels for a December gnome.  Rugged, tweedy, and ready to be gnit up while you snuggle under a blanket, preferably with hot chocolate in hand... or maybe a hot toddy... 

This kit is made up of five colours:

C1 Red Tweed

C2 Grey

C3 Black

C4 Red

C5 White Tweed

 Silver Sparkle Base

Snow sparkling in the sunshine on a crisp winter day, the bright festive berries reminding us of warmer days and signaling the forest creatures that there is still some food to be found.  Winterberry's colours have a frosty chill to them, but the silver sparkle makes you (almost) glad it's so cold.

This kit is made up of five colours:

C1 Deep Teal Sparkle

C2 Light Icy Teal

C3 Winter's Shadow Black

C4 Holly Berry Red

C5 Snow White Sparkle

Merry Gnomesmas
Red Sparkle Base

You can't get more classic Christmas than this set.  It has all the colours of the twinkle lights from every tree Santa has visited since way back when.  Add in some sparkle on both the red and the white, and this set is Christmas perfection.

This kit is made up of five colours:

C1 Red Berry Sparkle

C2 Gold Star

C3 Night Sky Blue

C4 Christmas Tree Green

C5 Snow White Sparkle

 Golden Gnew Year
Gold Sparkle Base

Golden Gnew Year is all about being festive without being overtly Christmassy.  Is New Years your jam? Or hanging out by the campfire on a winters night while the patio lights twinkle and the smell of roasting marshmallows hangs in the air?  Or hot chocolate and a good book on the couch with a yule log in the fireplace? Or a board game at the dining room table long after the dinner dishes have been cleared.  Or... shall I go on?  This could be a very long, very cozy list... The gold sparkle on this set is every bit as mesmerizing as your campfire (although admittedly not as good at roasting marshmallows).

This kit is made up of five colours:

C1 Gold Star Sparkle

C2 Light Chestnut Brown

C3 Dark Chocolate Brown

C4 Holly Berry Red

C5 Show White Sparkle

 Papa Gnome
Colourful Tweed Base

Before their current rise to social media fame, Gnomes have enjoyed a long and proud history. Just ask Papa Gnome. He's not fancy. He has made it through life just fine with his red hat, blue button-up jacket, and practical shoes. Secretly, though, he loves a little sparkle, and is thrilled to see such a great line up of friends this season.  But as for him? He's sticking with tweed for himself.

This kit is made up of five colours:

C1 Blue Jacket Tweed

C2 Mossy Green

C3 Tree Stump Brown

C4 Favourite Hat Red

C5 White Beard Tweed

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